Don’t miss the joy of a “Copper” Moon that will be visible throughout South Asia!

The total lunar eclipse of the 31 January 2018 will occur around moonrise, in the evening, when the moon will acquire a dim copper colour!

Start of the total lunar eclipse: 18:22IST (6:22pm IST)

End of totality: 19:37IST (7:37pmIST)

End of partial phase: 20:41IST (8:41pmIST)

End of penumbral phase and end of eclipse: 21:38IST (9:38pm IST)


It is important to chose a location that ensures an unobstructed view to the rising moon in the eastern direction, more precisely towards East-Northeast.
Anyone can organise an eclipse watch! So organise your own Copper Moon Rising picnic –  in your school, neighbourhood, apartment block terrace,  nearby park or hill or beach.

No equipment is necessary!

Just plan ahead, choose a good location, find out your moonrise and eclipse times, and be there.

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ICTS TIFR Press Release on the Total Lunar Eclipse