Don’t miss the joy of a “Copper” Moon that will be visible in parts of Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America!

The total lunar eclipse of the 27 July 2018 will occur during the night when the moon is near zenith, with moon acquiring a dim copper colour!

Wait to see if the skies will clear, and if they do, don’t miss the beautiful sight… The copper moon will be high in the sky, but nevertheless, make sure that you have  unobstructed view to see the eclipse.

The planet Mars will also be visible in the sky around the same time.

Anyone can organise an eclipse watch! So organise your own Copper Moon Rising picnic –  in your school, neighbourhood, apartment block terrace,  nearby park or hill or beach.

No equipment is necessary! See the eclipse HowTo for details.

The 27 July 2018 Eclipse Time Table:

27 July 201822:44 hours or 10:44 PM IST: beginning of penumbral eclipse

27 July 201823:54 hours or 11:54 PM IST: partial lunar eclipse starts

28 July 201801:00 hours or 01:00 AM IST: total lunar eclipse starts

28 July 201801:54 hours or 01:54 AM IST:  maximum totality

28 July 201802:43 hours or 02:43 AM IST:  totality ends

28 July 201803:49 hours or 03:49 AM IST:  partial lunar eclipse ends

28 July 201804:58 hours or 04:58  AM IST: penumbral eclipse ends

Send us your pictures and reports if you you do have clear skies.

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